Benefits of Good SEO Strategy and Stealing Conversions

Theft is bad, like really bad. UNLESS it's not really theft but actually strategy. Most companies are in a competitive landscape . Therefore there are plenty of strategies and methods you can study in your industry or verticals and apply and test for your own brand. The strategy that is often used for this scenario is called, " The Comparison Thief Strategy" and Below we are going to give you the tips and tricks to excel at this method. It can become tedious and time consuming so if you want our help just contact us. But otherwise this is free intel to help you leverage your online presence and learn from the market. This SEO tip will help you steal conversions from your competition.


Use the Comparison Thief Strategy:

When it comes to SEO strategies there are plenty of options to learn and build your success, We often find that most people think SEO is just about capturing existing search demand. But it is quite the contrary you can turn SEO into a demand generation engine and capture users who have never heard of you and your brand but are about to buy from your competitor. This is how you find those bottom of the funnel leads and drive them to your site instead. The best opportunities are those already in a sales cycle. Imagine being aware that a potential customer is already car shopping, and they are really leaning toward one of your competitor dealerships but you having that knowledge and the ability to swoop in and show your value, and brand as an alternative option.

That is the "Thief Strategy" This strategy targets your key competitors by creating comparison content, capitalizing on THEIR traffic and turning it into sales for YOUR better solution.

When creating content to real SEO and Content Management success instead of writing comparisons of you vs your competitor, you write comparisons of competitor 1 vs competitor 2, and plug your solution as the best alternative.

Here is how to use the Comparison Thief Strategy.

1) Round up the top competitors in your space on a list

2) Write articles comparing the most popular solutions against each other, focusing on their brand, not yours (example: Land Rover v. Cadillac)

3) Craft a compelling title and hook (example: Land Rover Vs Cadillac: Two Game-Changing SUV's

4) Write a genuinely helpful article for readers

5) Now, at the bottom of the article, SELL your own solution. Plug yourself as the best alternative. Where previously searchers were only considering Land Rover and Cadillac, they are now looking at Chevy too.

The Beauty of the Comparison Thief Strategy?

1) You are stealing conversions at the bottom of the funnel from competition

2) You are capitalizing on THEIR high search volume! So, even if you are a small competitor, you can succeed with this strategy.

Want to learn more about this strategy and other SEO and Lead Generation services feel free to contact us.